Impress Your Clients with the Styles and Hair Trends of 2017

There was a time when overly-done hair was all the rage. Stick-straight locks also became in fashion at one point, prompting women to fry their hair from chemical straightening processes. For 2017, the trendy look has thankfully gone to something that’s subtler and a lot more natural. If you hate using a straightening iron or a curling iron for your hair, you can actually pull off that just-got-out-of-bed look. Here, we will take a look at the hair trends of 2017 that students of a beauty school in Austin, TX and beauty professionals need to know about.

From Intricate Headpieces to Straight-Out-of-the-Shower Locks

Those who studied at a beauty school near Austin, TX or any other state would enjoy the advantage of being up-to-date when it comes to the latest hair trends. For 2016, a variety of hair styles emerged including shoulder-length styles which are easy to maintain. Whether you have a client who’s a fashionista or a bride who would like to wear her hair with a cutting edge style on her big day, here are some trends for 2017 that you can take inspiration from:

  • Crimped hairstyles

This 80s hairstyle staple is making a huge comeback this 2017. The fun and flirty hairstyle made the rounds during the runway shows of different fashion houses for their Fall-Winter collections. Pair it with an all-black ensemble or something equally retro and you’re bound to be the belle of the ball.

  • French pleats

If you don’t feel like going back to the 1980s, how about a trip to three decades earlier? French pleats were rocked by women during the 1950s and it’s actually a very versatile style. Suitable for weddings and red carpet events, French pleats can be worn tightly or loosely.

  • Fringed hairstyles

It seems like time travelling is all the rage when it comes to the trendy hairstyles, because the 70s era also has a representative. Fringed hairstyles were seen in the runways for 2017 collections, and they’re either super-short or super-long.

  • Low ponytails

If your client wants a low-maintenance yet still trendy hairstyle, low ponytails are prefect. It can be worn with elegant or casual outfits, and can either be worn super-slick or quite loose.

  • Headpieces with intricate details

Headpieces are not just for weddings anymore. Models and women who want to stand out in the crowd are going for this trendy hairstyle. Your headpiece does not have to be super-expensive, just intricately made and it would go well with anything glitzy or glittery.

  • Just-got-out-of-the-shower look

It takes some work from a hairdresser’s part to achieve the wet locks look that most models are sporting. Ultra-slicked back hair goes from day to night, and some hair product knowledge is required so styling it is best left to the professionals who are graduates of Austin, Texas beauty school.

  • Extra-long hair

Extra-long hair may look old-fashioned, but they are trendy again for 3017. There’s just something about ultra-straight, sleek, smooth, and shiny long locks that make a woman stand out. This hairstyle is splashing all over the magazines, runway shows, and even social media feeds, so watch out for it!

These are the 2017 hairstyles that hairdressers, newbies and pros, need to know so that they can be applied to their clientele to make them feel good and look their best.


Skin Care Tips during Transitioning Seasons

Just because the skin dries out during the winter season does not mean that you can skip that bottle of sunblock or moisturizer. Different seasons of the year have varying effects on the skin and if you took classes at a beauty school in Austin, TX, this is probably something that was taught by the beauty professionals who are also working as your teachers. From winter to spring and summer to fall, we will be dishing out tips here on how you can better care for your own skin – and your client’s skin – during the transitioning of different seasons.

Top Skin Care Tips for the Changing Seasons

During the winter season, the skin on the lips tend to get chapped. During the summer days, too much sun exposure may lead to sunburn. This is a typical scenario of how the harsh weather elements can have a negative effect on the condition of one’s skin. Beauty professionals who went to a beauty school near Austin, TX would do well to learn about the effects that transitioning from one season to another has on the skin. Here are the top skin care tips that you can apply for your own skin, and you can pass on the advice to your beauty clients as well:

  • Winter skin care tips

Your lips are bound to get chapped, dried out or wind-burned during the coldest months of the year so make sure that you have plenty of moisturizing lip balm. For your facial skin, go for a really good moisturizer. Even oily skin tends to dry out during the coldest months of the year, so look for a product with good hydration qualities. If you’re in your 30s, 40s or 50s, a moisturizer which helps combat ageing is a good choice as well.

  • Spring skin care tips

For the spring season, you still should not skip on the moisturizer. As the weather slowly warms up, you might be going outside more and more so do not skimp on sun protection. While you are doing your spring cleaning, toss out any beauty products which are six months or even older. These are a magnet for bacteria, and you wouldn’t want to use any product beyond its expiration date and apply it on your skin.

  • Summer skin care tips

Obviously, the summer months are the hottest. Before you head off to the beach or tropical country destination for your vacation, make sure to slap on lots of sun protection. Read the label and reapply as necessary. Wear light-colored clothes made from summer-suitable material so you won’t sweat as much. If you do, make sure that the fabric is able to absorb the sweat or let your skin breathe.

  • Fall skin care tips

When transitioning from summer to fall, experts recommend swapping your regular facial cleaner to a wash or a cleansing oil – a product whose formula has a thicker consistency. This is a great way to prepare your facial skin for a colder climate. The same thing holds true for moisturizers – the formula should be heavier than usual. If possible, stick to products with ingredients which are suitable for your skin type.

If you’re a product of an Austin, Texas beauty school or any other beauty school, for that matter, these skin care tips will serve  you and your clients well during the transitioning of the seasons.

Social Marketing Tools for Spas

If you’re a graduate of a massage school in Austin, TX, it’s possible for you to find employment at a day spa, a hotel, a clinic or a beauty salon. Although it is up to these establishments to promote the services that they are offering to their clients, it would also help your profession and your employer if you know something about social marketing.

Not be confused with social media marketing, traditional marketing or social selling, social marketing is a combination of different approaches. First, its aim is to develop marketing concepts to promote a business. In this case, it’s the services of the spa establishment you will be working for. Second, the techniques used are a combination of traditional marketing and approaches that benefit society in general. While promoting your salon services, you can maintain customer engagement and use the fact that you are doing your share in helping the community to boost your marketing strategy.

Tips when Using Social Marketing for Spas

If it’s your first time to encounter the term, you might find social media marketing as a concept to be quite confusing. To help you out, here are a few tips to remember:

  • Know your target market.

First, know who your target audience is. If you’re a day spa salon operator and your employees are a combination of fresh graduates of a massage school near Austin, TX and seasoned massage therapists, you can have a broad spectrum of clients. You can target professional athletes, women visiting the salon for beauty treatments, individuals whose nature of work involve manual labor, and similar patients. You can make your audience as specific or as broad as you want, then you can proceed to the next item.

  • Harness the influence of social media.

The good thing about running a business these days is that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on traditional advertising techniques. Instead of coming up with a print, radio, or even TV ad campaign, you have a social media-obsessed generation to reach out to. If you’re a day spa manager and you would like to target the harassed moms who can do with a half hour or a full hour of a body massage, launch promos through social media. Have a room where there are professional babysitters ready while they get some me-time getting a massage. Offer them discounted services or run contests where the most number of likes get a free full day spa package.

  • Use social marketing along with traditional advertising techniques.

You can easily integrate contributing to the community into your ad campaign message when doing social marketing. For instance, you can gather all your therapists who could be fresh out of a massage school in Austin, Texas and have them offer free thirty-minute massages to vendors, garbage collectors, police officers, or anyone who happens to be passing by the area where you are holding the event. Nobody would say no to a free, soothing, healing massage. Aside from doing your share in helping the community, you are promoting your salon services at the same time.

Facial Treatments to Use for Your Skin during the Winter Season

Those who are graduates of a beauty school in Austin, TX would know how important it is to learn about skin care when they’re doing a client’s makeup. Aside from familiarizing yourself with the different types of skin and determining which product ingredients are suitable, it’s also important to give clients advice about how to better care for their skin. Consider this a valuable service that you are offering to your customers. The more that you show your care for them by giving them useful tips, the more that they will appreciate you as a professional in the beauty industry. Here, we will take a look at the tips that you can give your clients when caring for their skin during the winter season, specifically the facial treatments that you can offer them.

Should Clients Go for DIY or In-Spa Treatments?

Of course, as an aesthetician who’s just gotten out of an Austin, Texas beauty school, you might not necessarily be familiar yet with all the facial treatments available out there. But the one thing that you should keep in mind is that caring for the skin during extra-cold weather takes some more effort on the client’s part. After they have taken advantage of the facial treatment that you have to offer, they can follow it up with DIY or do-it-yourself facial treatments at home.

Take Your Pick from these Wintry Facial Treatments

So what are the in-spa at DIY facial treatments for the winter season that you can offer to your clients? Take a look at the following list:

  • Pumpkin Nectar Facial

For clients who cannot afford the spa treatments taken advantage of by the likes of Jennifer Aniston, you can offer them a more affordable version of the pumpkin nectar facial treatment. Pumpkin has natural skin healing properties as it helps restore sufficient levels of moisture on the skin. Mrs. Theroux’s pumpkin nectar facial was offered at the St. Regis hotel in Mexico City, but you can just as easily offer a cheaper version of this treatment to your clients using the same main ingredient.

  • Silent Night Facial

This is a combination of an ultra-relaxing back massage, a skin-nourishing body wrap, and a facial treatment/aromatherapy session. Some of the natural ingredients used are mandarin, ginger, and frankincense – and this treatment is offered at establishments like the Mandarin Oriental Hotel.

  • Holiday Recovery Special

The year has barely started so the skin is bound to still suffer from overindulgence during the holiday season. To get rid of such traces, you can offer clients the holiday recovery special which is a favorite of Hollywood celebs. This includes a series of facial treatments like a vitamin infusion mask and a chemical-free skin regimen to restore the radiance of the skin.

  • Cultured Milk Facial

As a follow-up facial treatment to the quite pricey facial treatments, you can teach your clients how to whip up their own masks at home. For the winter season, a cultured milk mask consisting of buttermilk, natural yogurt or even kefir can be applied on the face. It helps restore the pH balance of the skin to fight off the drying and harsh effects of the winter season.

  • Egg White Facial

For clients with large pores, you can advise them to whisk one egg white and apply it all over the face. The mask helps freshen up the skin and tighten the pores, providing it with an extra layer of protection during the winter season.

Avocado, strawberry with lemon juice, oatmeal, banana, and honey with raw milk are the other DIY facial treatments that you can advise them to whip up at home. The natural ingredients will fight off the harsh effects of the extra-cold weather which usually dries the skin.

Whether you’ve just gotten out of a beauty school near Austin, TX or if you have already spent quite a long time in the beauty industry, these winter skin care tips will help you take care of your client’s skin, as well as your own skin.


How does Technology Fit into Being a Massage Therapist?

In any line of work where muscle power or manual labor is needed, it seems as if technology has no place. But if you’re a graduate of a massage school in Austin, TX and you want to establish yourself as a professional in the field, how can you use technology to your advantage? We all know that massage therapy has been around for thousands of years now. With the developments in technology, there are also improvements in the science behind discovering the healing power of touch. Although the techniques used in massage therapy remain the same, the tools that therapists use are now more technologically advanced.

 Areas of Massage Therapy where Technology is Useful

Here are the major areas of massage therapy where technology is useful:

  • Booking appointments with clients

Perhaps one of the first things taught at educational institutions like a massage school near Austin, TX is taking care of your clientele. Without clients who regularly come in to get massages from you, your business will not thrive.  You will also not have the opportunity to practice your craft. So the minute that you get your licenses and certification, you should start gathering clients. If you’re using a tablet computer, download an app that will help you manage your appointments. Make sure not to overbook so that you can give your own body time to recover in between massage sessions.

Promoting your services

Thanks to social media, massage therapist and other independent workers have a way to promote their services without spending too much. You don’t have to spend money on print or radio ads now. Just create accounts on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Linked, Tumblr, and similar sites. Engage your existing clients and prospective customers in a positive manner and you should see your appointments list being filled up in no time.

  •  Doing your research

You can also maximize the use of technology by doing your research online. Keep yourself updated with the latest techniques in the massage therapy industry. If you’re specializing in sports massage, for instance, what can you do to make an athlete’s body heal after a grueling practice? Of course, you need to follow up your research with more studies – maybe you can take specialized classes or additional training to improve your craft.

  • Healing

Finally, technology is used to advance the techniques in massage therapy. To heal chronic pain, radio wave technology can be used in addition to traditional massage techniques. Here, a machine is used to heat a small part of the nerve tissue which helps eliminate pain. Another machine, Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation or TENS, helps patients deal with pain on a short-term basis. Those who are suffering from prolonged back pain have the option to use a small pacemaker device which stimulates the spinal cord. If you’re fresh out of a massage school in Austin, Texas, make sure that you have the proper licenses and training before using any of these machines to help heal your patients.

As you can see, technology plays an important role in the work of a massage therapist, so learn how to use it to your advantage.


Are You in the Beauty Industry? Here are Ideas for Your New Year’s Resolutions List!

Every year, we all make a list of New Year’s resolutions. Some personal goals include living a healthier lifestyle, having a more positive attitude in life, socializing more, or even something as mundane as trying to save more money. These are all good personal goals, but what about when it comes to the professional goals that you are setting for yourself? Let’s say that you are a graduate of a beauty school in Austin, TX and you are about to start an entry-level job. What should be included in your list of New Year’s resolutions so that you can speed up the growth of your career? Find out in the next section.

New Year’s Resolutions Ideas for those in the Beauty Industry

Whether you’re a student of a beauty school near Austin, TX or if you’re already a professional in the industry, it won’t hurt to have an actual list of resolutions for the New Year. Think of it as a form of goal-setting for your professional career. Even if you are just starting out, having such a list will give your career path a clear direction. The items in your New Year’s resolutions list are short-term goals which would lead to career advancement. Even small, seemingly mundane things like trying to get along with your clients more will help you improve professionally.

Check out some of the items that you can include in your very own New Year’s resolutions list if you are a part of the beauty industry:

  • Try not to overexert yourself.

One of the biggest mistakes made by those who have been in the beauty industry for a long time is overexerting themselves. Let’s say that you would like to take advantage of the holiday influx, so you book one client after another. Although there’s nothing wrong in trying to make some extra money, you should respect what your body is telling you and still have ample rest. There’s no use earning all that extra moolah if you end up in the hospital due to overexertion. For the coming year, make it your New Year’s resolution to get sufficient rest, which does not necessarily mean that you will be working any less.

  • Never stop honing your craft.

The opposite of working too hard is slacking off, especially when it comes to the things that you can still learn. The beauty industry is exciting because there are always new developments and trends that you can look forward to trying on your clients. If you got an entry-level job at a salon, make it part of your New Year’s resolution list to hone your craft and become a master cutter, stylist, or colorist in the coming years.

  • Maintain a poker face even while clients are asking the impossible.

A brunette who wants to dye her hair platinum blonde in just two hours? Or a redhead wanting to have black-as-midnight locks in just one coloring session? There are some clients who would have requests that will be almost impossible for you to achieve in a day, much less a couple of hours. You would have your share of these difficult clients, so instead of letting it bug you, just laugh it off on the inside, maintain a poker face and explain to them that there’s a more reasonable time frame for what they want to happen to their hair or their face.

  • Reach out to your peers more.

Another thing you can add to your list of resolutions is to reach out to your peers more. Attend more industry events to extend your network of business contacts. You can broaden your professional relationship with them and maybe even make new friends.

You can also engage your clients through social media more; make a list of short-term and long-term plans for your beauty business or professional career; and have a more sharpened focus. Whether you’re a graduate of an Austin, Texas beauty school or if you’ve been in the industry for a long time, adding these items to your list of New Year’s resolutions will help improve your career.

What are the Hottest Beauty Trends for 2017?

Those who have graduated from a beauty school in Austin, TX quite a while back might feel like they’re time travelling when watching fashion shows. The choker necklaces from an entirely different decade made a comeback this year, only in the form of necklines in clothes. The bare-looking yet bronzed makeup look from the eighties have turned into the “no-makeup makeup look” that a lot of models are sporting today. Indeed, fashion and beauty trends come and go – so what are we supposed to expect for the upcoming 2017? Read on to find out.

Get Ahead of the 2017 Beauty Trends by Trying Out these Looks!

Whether you’re still studying, fresh out of a beauty school near Austin, TX or if you’ve been in the industry for a good number of years now, it pays to be updated with the hottest trends. 2016 is almost over, so here are the upcoming beauty trends that you should watch out for in the coming year:
• Lips with colors that pop
For the spring 2017 runway shows of the top fashion houses, models sported a bold pucker. Bright colors, matte shades, ultra-pigmented lips, even textured fuchsia and red hues were seen on models. You might want to give this bold lip trend a try, just in time for the holiday season and you’ll be way ahead of the fashion game.

• Back to the 80s
This look is quite easy to cop. Just go for an almost bare face with a bit of bronzer and a lot of blush to give your face that rosy glow.

• Bare eyelashes
The recent beauty trend when it comes to eyelashes is the heavier the mascara, the better. For 2017, your peepers will be given a break because mascaras will not be used as often. The resulting look is fresher and more youthful, perfect for day outings and chill night outs.

• Blush to the max!
At the Paris fashion week runway shows, makeup artists went all out in coloring the cheeks of models. In contrast to clean, pale skin is the super-rosy blush, some of which were even applied from the cheekbones all the way up to the brows. This is still reminiscent of the 1980s fashion trends.

• Wet locks
Yet another trend to watch out for in the coming year is the wet, just-out-of-the-shower hair. Models from the fashion houses of Loewe, Miu Miu, Givenchy, and even Balmain had wet locks which ranged from stick-straight to wavy.

• It’s all about the eyes.
When it comes to eye makeup, it’s all about feminine tones. At the Nina Ricci fashion show, the lids were painted with lavender, tangerine, and cream pigments which were all blended together to create an ultra-dramatic look. Makeup artist Tom Pecheux showcased black kohl liner with orange eye gloss, while Janelle Geason went for taupe shades combined with gold for a shimmery effect.

Teachers, students of Austin, Texas beauty school and those who are already active in the fashion industry will have a blast watching out for these up-and-coming beauty trends for 2017.

Growing Your Business via Social Media

Business Tips from Austin Beauty School

A few decades back, a teacher from a beauty school in Austin, TX may not have even uttered the words social media in class. But during the last few years, social media has made such a huge impact in everyone’s lives – that business owners will be amiss not to take advantage of its popularity. If you’re the owner of a salon or spa business, for example, you can promote your brand by launching a full-blast social media campaign. Unlike TV, print or radio ads, you won’t have to spend too much – some campaigns can even be launched with almost zero cost. The impact is nonetheless there, especially if you stumble upon a gem of a viral video or a clever Instagram post that will be shared by thousands of users on the site. Here, we will take a look at the ways that you can grow your salon or spa business with the help of social media.

Techniques for Growing Your Salon or Spa Business through Social Media

Whether you’re fresh out of a beauty school near Austin, TX or if you have been in the spa business for quite a while now, here are some ways for you to utilize social media to grow your endeavor:

• Start stamping your online presence by creating an official Facebook account.
If you’re an entry-level employee at a salon but you would like to have your very own business one day, you can already start establishing a name for yourself. Create an ‘official’ Facebook account where you can tell the site’s users about where you are working, what your specializations are, and even what you look like by posting pictures of what you look like while working. Facebook is a great avenue for you to directly reach out to your customers.

If you’re the owner or manager of a salon or spa business, you can use your official Facebook account to directly talk to your clients. On the “About” part of your page, you can post your business address, phone number, and website. You can also encourage users to leave positive reviews of their experience while dealing with your company.

• Tweet!
A full-blast social media campaign will not be complete without Twitter. Use the same logo that you are using on your Facebook account for consistency. Make sure to Tweet regularly so that your followers can feel your social media presence.

• Capture the imagination of your social media followers by creating posts on Instragram, Flickr, Pinterest, or Tumblr.
Social media users are a visual bunch, so make sure to give them plenty of eye-catching content to like and share. Salon owners can post amazing before-and-after photos of client makeover or hair styling sessions. On Pinterest, you can post helpful content about how to DIY a certain hairstyle, for example. On Tumblr, you can post a blog entry about a client’s amazing massage experience. Make the caption catchy, and the image should speak for itself.

• Other ways to grow your salon or spa business through social media.
Aside from the most popular social media sites, you can use apps and websites to boost your online presence. For instance, if you would like to make your client booking process more efficient, make use of apps like Booker. Gather as many positive Yelp reviews as you can to cement your reputation in the industry. Of course, it also pays to have your very own website.

According to Lockhart-Meyer, the average hair and beauty business loses between 10% and 25% of its clients each year. Don’t let this happen to you! If you’re a graduate of an Austin, Texas beauty school or if you are managing a spa or salon, harness the power or social media to grow your business.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Forecast for 2017


Professional makeup artists; fresh graduates of a cosmetology school in Austin, TX and similar learning institutions; and other workers in the beauty industry look at the fashion runways for clues on upcoming trends. If you’re a makeup artist who works with brides and women attending special events, you simply have to catch these shows or browse through the websites of the fashion houses.

Each fashion show usually has a bridal gown as a finale, while other lines like Monique Lhuillier or Vera Wang has an entire show dedicated to wedding dresses. Although it’s the dresses which serve as the highlight of these runway shows, the way that the hair and makeup of the models is done is also highlighted. Based from the looks of the models for next year’s bridal fashion shows, a trend can be forecasted for how the real brides of 2017 will look like.

A Glimpse at the Hottest Bridal Hair and Makeup Trends for 2017

Let’s say that you are a student of a cosmetology school near Austin, TX and you would like to focus on brides as your clients. Of course, you should have a foundational knowledge of the basics. Which hair and makeup will make for a bride with a classical look? How about the time of day when the wedding will be held – what’s ideal for day or night makeup? Or maybe you would like the season of the year when the wedding will be held to suit the hair and makeup of the bride. For this, you should consider if the overall look is suited for a winter, spring, summer or autumn wedding.

For the trend-conscious or the fashion-forward bride, here is a list of the upcoming trends from the 2017 bridal lines of the hottest designers in the industry:

  • Boxer braids with ‘frozen’ eyelashes

Yes, think of the boxer braids worn by Kim Kardashian – only matched with white top-coat mascara so you’ll have that stark contrast on your natural makeup. This is how the model brides looked like at the Houghton bridal fashion show.

  • Knotted chignon with an elaborate headpiece

At the Naeem Khan bridal fashion show, stunning bridal gowns were worn by models styled with knotted chignons. Match this with a bejewelled, elaborate headpiece and you have fashion forward bride who still looks ultra-feminine.

  • Loose updo with a super-pink blush

For the delicate bride, try a loose updo with a super-pink blush. This was the look of the bride-models at the Delphine Malvet bridal fashion show.

  • Romantic side braids with shimmery lips

At the Galia Lahav bridal event for 2017, you’ll sigh with envy at the sight of oh-so-romantic looking brides. They modelled delicate gowns with loose braids worn to one side, matched with lips that had a natural pale pink shimmer.

  • Braided bun with silver eye makeup

Elegant, polished yet fashion forward is the best way to describe the model brides at the Lela Rose fashion show. They had traditional braided buns and light makeup, but there’s a hint of whimsy with the touch of silver winged eye makeup.

  • Sideswept waves and blinged-out eye makeup

Project Runway alum Christian Siriano went vintage with a side swept hairstyle for his bridal line. This is matched with blinged out eye makeup, where there is almost no hint of eyeshadow but a touch of a glittery accessory at the bottom of the eyelid.

  • Braided chignon with apricot lips

The Marchesa fashion house showcased braided chignons which would look lovely on any bride. Mix this up with apricot lips, shown on the bridal models of designer Tony Ward.

  • A bride from the future

Finally, for the really edgy, fashion-forward bride, take cue from fashion house Theia. The 2017 bridal collection featured body-baring gowns, futuristic headpieces, and silver makeup – from eyes to lips. This is perfect for the bold winter bride.

If you’re a student of cosmetology in Austin, Texas, take your pick from any of these style inspirations when doing the hair and makeup of a modern, fashion-conscious bride.

Wedding Hair and Makeup Trends for Fall

bridal-inspired-looksIf you’re a graduate of a cosmetology school in Austin, TX and you are thinking about getting into the bridal industry, you are in for a treat. No matter which season of the year your bridal client is saying her “I dos”, there are tons of hair and makeup inspiration available. Let’s say that you have a client who is getting married during the fall season. Aside from the theme of her wedding, you can also consider the fashion trends for fall of the current year. During the autumn runways shows of the fashion houses, you will see which looks will make for the most stunning brides.

Take Your Pick from these Fall Hair and Makeup Trends

How about white face paint for the edgy bride, or glittery butterfly clips for the dainty Mrs-to-be? These are just a couple of style inspirations that you can get when helping a bride prepare for her big day. Whether you’re fresh out of a cosmetology school near Austin, TX or if you’re getting your feet wet in the bridal makeup industry, these are the trends that you can follow. Of course, you have to consult and work closely with the bride but she will definitely love it if you can come up with some fashion forward and trendy ideas.

For the fall season of 2016, here are some of the hottest trends for the hair and makeup of the modern bride:

  • Flowers in her hair

Designer Angel Sanchez wowed the crowd with the dreamy looks of his model-brides during his spring fashion show. Taking a cue from the architectural designs of the bridal gowns, the hair of the models are designed with floral arrangements. Worn from ear to ear in a diagonal design, the hair accessory is feminine and fashion forward at the same time.

  • Teased curls

At the Galia Lahav bridal fashion show, the designer went all-out ‘70s. The models have teased curls, smoky eye makeup, and gilded headpieces with elaborate designs.

  • Butterfly clips

Another designer who’s trying to revive a trend is Ines Di Santo. During the bridal fashion show for the brand, models wore sleek buns accessorized with white butterfly clips. With such a bold yet retro accessory, no veils are needed.

  • Bedazzled wreaths

If your client would like to feel like a Grecian goddess on her wedding day, look to bridal designer Monique Lhuillier’s collection for inspiration. Matched with a windswept or a curly romantic style, this hair accessory will make all brides glow.

  • Laissez hairstyle

Seen on the models of Ines Di Santo, Houghton, and Rivini, the laissez hairstyle is perfect for the laidback bride. It’s a still-chic alternative to the traditional chignon which will look great on formal gowns and more romantic wedding dresses.

  • No makeup makeup

When it comes to makeup, the “no makeup makeup” look still reigns for brides. It gives them that dewy, natural glow that looks great in person and in pictures.

  • White or winged eyeliner

Designers also opted to change things up when it comes to eye makeup this year. Marchesa’s models walked down the runways in dreamy white gowns and white eyeliners. Ines Di Santo’s bridal models had winged eyeliners paired with rosy cheeks.

  • Maroon makeup tones

The Carolina Herrera bride had maroon makeup during the runway shows, paired with purple flowers adorning wavy hairstyles.

  • Pearl shimmer, pink lips

Makeup artists can also try using a pearly highlighter stick to make the skin of their bridal client glow. Pair this with pink lips for a naturally pretty pout.

  • Stark white face paint

If your client bride is adventurous enough, why not have her try out the look of the Houghton bridal model? Braids, hairstyles with matte bobby pins, and pin curls were paired with stark white face paint on the nose, brows, and forehead.

You should definitely update yourself with these trends if you’re a student of cosmetology in Austin, Texas or if you’ve been in the beauty industry for a good number of years. With beautiful brides as clients, these hair and makeup trends will help you make your bride stand out on her big day.