What are the Hottest Makeup Looks that You Should Sport for Spring 2017?

Expert Spring Makeup Tips from Austin, Texas Cosmetology School The most recent beauty trends are nothing if not colorful, so what are fashionistas and makeup lovers supposed to look forward to for spring of 2017? Hollywood celebs are seen wearing eighties-inspired makeup while models are as glittery as can be. Would the same styles and

Meet Rick Pinette, Massage Program Instructor at Avenue Five Institute!

Get To Know Our Rock Star Team We are extremely proud of our talented team of experienced educators. We always say that, “they’re not here because they have to be but because they want to be.” Day in and day out they are fully committed to helping students learn, grow, and pursue their career goals. (#TeamAve5!)

May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

Be a Part of the Skin Cancer Awareness Month at Austin Beauty School If you’ve long been part of the beauty industry or have just gotten out of an Austin, TX beauty school, then you should be aware that there’s more to your profession than just acquiring as many clients as possible. Not only is it

Facelift Massage: Overview and Benefits

One of the many concepts taught at massage school in Austin, TX – or any massage school, for that matter, is facial massage. Don’t mistake this for a typical facial treatment that customers get at a beauty salon. Instead of dealing with the treatment of the superficial layer of the skin, a facial massage goes

Adding Cupping Therapy to Your Menu of Spa Services

Helpful Tips for Professionals from Austin Massage School If you’re a product of a massage school in Austin, TXand you are just getting into the massage therapy as an industry, you might be familiar with just the basic spa treatments available. This includes the different foundational massage techniques, aromatherapy, body wraps, and facial treatments. But what if

How Massage Therapy Improves the Quality of Life

Massage Therapy Advice from Austin, TX Massage School One of the first lessons taught in classes at a massage school in Austin, TX is that when you get into this kind of profession, you will be helping a lot of people heal. More than just the physical healing, a professional massage session helps eliminate stress

Student Spotlight: Jose Arreola – Great Clips Scholarship Winner

Who says you can’t soar with shears? The Great Clips Scholarship Program aims to promote careers in cosmetology by providing tuition assistance or cosmetology tools to help students get started in the field. To make it easier, Great Clips provides over $100,000 in scholarships and professional tools to cosmetology students each year! The scholarship award