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Returning to school at 44 was not easy but everyone at Avenue Five, from instructors to fellow classmates, made the experience so wonderful. I can't say enough good things about my instructor Rebecca. She is so knowledgeable and keeps you engaged while you learn by sharing funny stories of her own experiences as an esthetician. My advice to you, no matter what your age, if you have the opportunity to go back to school and you have a passion for skin care, go to Avenue Five!
Kristy DiStefano
Kristy DiStefano, Esthetics Graduate

These students are exceptional! Their training is superb and it shows in their work!
Kathy Svoboda, Esthetics Graduate

My favorite thing that I've learned so far is color, I love how much you can change it to express yourself. I decided to come to Avenue Five because I wanted more than a cookie cutter school and because they use the same products that are used in high-end salons. I love that here at Ave5 we're free to work in a creative environment while having amazing instructors to guide us and teach us everything they know.
Alexandria Rachal, Cosmetology Student

Do it, come to cosmetology school! It can be scary at first, but after your first client, the happiness you bring to them will give you a glimpse of your future and how successful you can become as a hairstylist. Avenue Five is the exact school I dreamed going to my whole life! Instructors here are amazing, experienced and 100% about our education and perfecting our craft.
Heather Rose Stock, Cosmetology Student

I've always loved different hairstyles, colors and making people feel good about themselves. I decided to come to Avenue Five because they had really good reviews online, the fact that they doesn't focus on only one product line was very important to me. I love it here!
Katie Mena, Cosmetology Student

This program is by far the best choice if you're serious about pursuing a career in Cosmetology. Look no further because you will do great things here!
Alynieka Shaivu, Cosmetology Student

I decided to come to Avenue Five because they have multiple product lines to lean and test. I had a blast being around others who shared my passion and were as dedicated as I was. The program is full with information and product knowledge. Go check it out!
Alissa James, Esthetics Student

To me, Avenue Five is a very welcoming school. The hands on portion of this program is very helpful and all the knowledge we get is incredible. This programs opens a door to a million opportunities. Go for it, you won't be disappointed.
Marbella Benito - Torres, Esthetics Student


This program really prepares you for the real world. Got to Avenue Five and start a soon as possible, you won't regret it!
Aaron Jones, Esthetics Student

I instantly knew this was the right school for me as soon as I walked in. Instructors here go above and beyond. This is a fun, interactive, fast pace and very thorough program that gives you an opportunity to embrace your passion. I genuinely love helping people find a solution to their skin problems, it's so satisfying!
Hayley Ninu, Esthetics Student

This is such a great program! The instructors are great and really take the time to make sure you understand the lesson. This program teaches you all about skin health and how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.
Aislynn Byrd, Esthetics Student

The instructors are awesome. you gotta be around it to see the atmosphere. I knew instantly that this school was the right pick for me.
Lauren Kerr Austin, TX

I'm now ready for that next big step! Bottom line, this school is "THE SCHOOL" that you've been looking for if you're wanting to dive head first into the cosmetology industry.
Blair M. Austin, TX

I love when a client gets off the table and can feel a difference in their body. I have referred everyone I know who's interested in the program because I really enjoyed it!
Katelynn Bain, Massage Therapy Student

Being able to help someone has always appealed to me. I know that the curriculum will make me more desirable in the working field and that is extremely important to me. Instructors here are dedicated, constructive and smart. I love it here.
Chantal Ginestra, Massage Therapy Student

Instructors here are very passionate about this career field and that passion is contagious. I absolutely love this program.
William Fritter, Massage Therapy Student

I love being able to relieve tension in my clients and instantly change their mood in a positive way. The environment here is amazing and the instructors are very committed to massage education. I've never met people so dedicated and passionate about their art.
Larris Simoneu, Massage Therapy Student

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